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West Michigan Veterinary Service

Enhancing the lives of you and your animals is our primary focus. Our dedicated veterinarians have expertise in dog, cat, cattle, camelid, sheep, goat, and horse performance and health. 

Our veterinarians and staff bring knowledge, experience, vision, and compassion to care for the animals with whom you share your life. 

West Michigan Veterinary Receptionist
West Michigan Veterinary Building
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West Michigan Veterinary Doctors


Companion Animals:

Horses: 616.837.8151

Farm Animals: 616.837.8151

Veterinary Services

"Read what others say"

Oh, We Love Them... Been with them for years. Been thru Good and Bad Issues. They explain so well. That how we're able to give our animals such Quality of life till the end. And then they understand we want to be with them till the last breath. No animal should go alone. (My Opinion.)..God gives them to us. We give them back. Thank You JESUS. ... For are Animals and For are Wonderful Vets at W M V S... GOD BLESS !!!

- Pènny Pouliotte

Students: For more information about the educational opportunities follow the links below:
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