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WMVS Pharmacy



In-House Pharmacy


WMVS has a large in-house pharmacy for almost all of your animal health care needs. We work very hard to only stock medications and supplies that we believe are the best options for the treatment and prevention of disease in your animals.


Our products are competitively priced so that we can offer you what we believe to be superior products at a good value. Some unique or larger quantity items may only be available on special order.

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Be mindful that all prescription products, regardless of where they are purchased, require an active veterinarian-client-patient relationship. This means that the prescribing veterinarian must have examined the patient within the past 12 months. This helps to assure that your veterinarian is fully informed about your animal’s health and that all appropriate testing has been done. It also ensures that your pet’s medical history and records are safely kept in one place.


For these reasons, we strongly encourage clients who desire to purchase pet pharmaceuticals online do so through our own web-based pharmacy. The WMVS online pharmacy allows you to order your pet’s medication conveniently from home and have the product shipped directly to your door. Prescription medications are approved by your regular veterinarian.

If there is ever any problem with the medications your pet is receiving, we are always just a phone call away. We want to partner with you and your family to provide the best care at the best value.


Online Pharmacy

For added convenience and price savings, we also have an online pharmacy that is always open.


Our online pharmacy has a wide selection of only the highest quality, veterinarian-recommended products. The pricing structure of our online pharmacy is designed to give you the best products at the best price.


We recognize that there are now many options for online pharmacies. Some of these are reputable, but many are not. These less than reputable companies may send poorer quality or counterfeit items.  If you choose to use an alternate online pharmacy, take the time to ask the right questions and do your due diligence. 

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